"Skype"ing Around in Kindergarten!

My darlings are so excited for Wednesday when we will be skyping again with our classmate in Hong Kong! Our friend left for Hong Kong after Spring Break. She is spending a couple of months there for her dad's job, but will be back to join her friends in first grade!! Earlier in the year, we studied maps and explored Flat Stanley. Students sent their flat selves to family and friends all over the country. Their flat selves made their way back to our school with letters, pictures, and treats of the experiences in the new places. Before our friend left for Hong Kong, we made a "Flat version" of herself and put her on the wall in our classroom. We are collecting pictures and postcards and posting them so that they students can "experience" all the neat things that she is doing. We generated a list of questions beforehand (things they REALLY NEEDED to know!!).....here is what we came up with :)

1. Have you learned any new words in their language?
2. What do people wear in Hong Kong?
3. Have you tried any new foods?
4.  Have you seen any new animals?
5. Have you made any new friends?
6. What is the Mc'Donalds like?   :)

This was such a great experience for my kinders! Our friend even took her computer out to the balcony to show us Hong Kong at night! 

Have you used Skype in your classroom? I would love to hear how you are using it!! 

Have a fabulous week! 

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