End of Year Gifts!

Hey, Hey!
Oh goodness, the past few weeks have been crazy! Between all of the assessments, assemblies, and special events, I feel like I barely had time to teach during the month of May. I had been thinking and thinking about what I wanted to make for the kids' end of the year gifts. I always struggle with this because I have 50 students. I would love to buy them all books but it's just not feasible! I decided to make these cute little bags with a bottle of water, a kool-aid packet, a crazy straw and water balloons. I made these cute little tags to add the finishing touch. Note to self....never use full bottles of water again. OH my word! I had to take like 5 trips from my car to my classroom! Ridiculous, I know! Any who, the kinders loved them, which made it all worth it and I didn't break the bank! I say that's a win, win!

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AND now for the adults! Do you love E.O.S products?! I sure do! So, I thought I would use their products this year for my parent volunteer gifts. I spent way too much time racking my brain to figure out a cute saying. It was tough, but I finally came up with:

You're a great helper! Thanks for everything this year! 

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Did you see what I did there? Yep, yep,  it say E, O, S down the left hand side.   :)
  I bought some lip balm and hand lotion for each volunteer, and I made these cute little tags to add on to the bag. I used my cricut for the cutesy shaped pattern. I stocked up on some darling cardstock at Joann's when it was half off :)All in all, I would say this years gifts were a hit! I hope you were able to find something you can use! Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. 50 Kinders oh my! I am hoping you have 2 classes that are 1/2 day? Bless you.

    Luv My Kinders

    1. Haha yes I have 2 classes! We actually have an interesting schedule. One class comes all day on Mondays/Thursdays and half day Wed. afternoon. The other class comes all day on Tuesday/Fridays and half day on Wed. mornings. We are praying for all day/ every day in the future!!