Mentor Monday Linky 5/19/14: Persuasive Writing
Hi there! 
I just came across The Reading Tutor/OG's mentor text linky and could not be more excited! I always struggle to find new mentor texts to use during writing workshop. My students absolutely LOVE persuasive writing. This text is great for persuasive AND opinion pieces! 

My Mentor Text For Persuasive Writing is:

This story uses powerful illustrations to develop an opinion on whether the animal is a duck or a rabbit. In kindergarten, we start by voting. Students sign their name under a DUCK! or RABBIT! sign. My class is usually split down the middle! The students have time to talk with the other students who chose the same animal. The group talks about all of the reasons (from the book!) that they think it is either a duck or a rabbit. Next, their job is to convince me or another reader that the animal is either a duck or a rabbit. This book has brought out some of the best persuasive writing I have seen from my kids. They use evidence from the story to support their claims and work so hard to convince the reader that it is their animal! If you do not have this book, be sure to scoop it up for next year. It is perfection!! 
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