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Today, I am writing you from the balcony of my condo in Hilton Head. It's about 9 a.m. and I 'm sitting here with my Starbucks, (grande iced coffee with 2% and vanilla.....fabulous and not a ton of calories!) my laptop and the sunshine. Life is good!

I am linking up with Mrs. Jump's Class today for her Let's Talk About Books Linky! 


 I was thinking about a book that I wanted to share with you and as I begin preparing for the beginning of the year, I turn to a book that helped shape our classroom community this past school year. 

Have you read this story?
My kids could not get enough of it and it's real life connections. I think about Deanna's post today about rereading for a deeper meaning and we did just that. My students even engaged in a conversation about why he was acting like that in the first place (the root of the problem!!). 
Some of their answers were; "maybe his mom and dad are not nice", "maybe he thought he wouldn't have any friends", "maybe he did it for attention", "maybe he was scared about school".  
Kids are so inquisitive!

If you haven't read this story, Llama llama and his friends have trouble enjoying their day at school because Gilroy Goat is not making good choices. He laughs at the students during circle time, and makes fun of Llama llama when he tries to sing.

 The teacher tries to stop the inappropriate behavior but Gilroy continues anyway. 

Finally, as the poor choices continue at recess, Llama llama calls Gilroy a "Bully Goat!!"

 Gilroy realizes that his actions were hurting others and decides to treat others kindly and make friends!

If you don't have a copy of this book, you need to snatch it up before the beginning of next school year! Can't wait to read about all the wonderful books today! Have a fabulous day!
 I'm heading to the beach :)


  1. I picked this one up last year for my library. My teachers loved it as much as I did.
    Mrs. Brown Loves Bookworms

    1. So happy you all love it too! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. I have other Llama Llama books, but not this one. Sometimes you just need that one book, or one hundred, that help kids reflect on their actions and learn better ways. Thanks for sharing. Glad to find you. Kathleen
    Kidpeople Classroom

  3. Llama Llama books are the best! I love the reasoning from your kiddos! You are right! Kiddos are SO inquisitive!

  4. Thanks for sharing this book. It looks perfect for during back to school time and working on community and socialization skills. It was added to my never ending wishlist of books on Amazon! #teacherproblems. Enjoy your time at the beach!

    Luv My Kinders

  5. I've seen this book but never got round to buying it. It sounds great - will definitely get it for next year!
    Growing Little Learners

    1. It's definitely worth the purchase!