Cold Storm! ..... and MAP assessment

      Oh my we officially had a full day at school today which was fabulous! But wow am I exhausted :) The weather in Ohio has just been nuts. We got a pretty big snow storm this past weekend, but the real story has been these cold temperatures. Needless to say, I need to get back into my routine. Not that sleeping in, drinking coffee all morning, and catching up on my favorite shows hasn't been enjoyable!
      Last Friday, I was supposed to pilot the MAP assessment for our district. Yes, that's right in kindergarten. Let me tell you, there is nothing more precious than little Kinders working so hard on their own little laptop. We spent a few days getting familiar with the laptops and I was so impressed. Unfortunately, Friday came around and we had a two-hour delay, plus there was a glitch in the system. So....we are giving it a try tomorrow. My kids are stoked! They are feeling pretty special seeing as they are the only ones in the ENTIRE school that get to take this test. Do any of your districts use this assessment? What are you thoughts? Below are some pics of my darlings learning how to use the laptops. Enjoy :)

Ohio Conference for Kindergarten Teachers

Hello! Welcome to my blog! I had the privilege of attending the Ohio Conference for Kindergarten Teachers on January 13th and 14th. What an AMAZING experience! I was so excited this summer when I found out that Deedee Wills and Deanna Jump were going to be there. I just knew I had to talk my principal in to sending me. Let me tell you, I was like a kid in a candy shop for two days straight! It was nice to meet so many other teachers that share my love for all things kindergarten. My brain may have been on overload as I tried to figure out how I could implement the million ideas I saw. After much contemplation, I decided it would probably just be best to focus on a couple of things! I am so looking forward to joining the blogging world and sharing my love for kindergarten with you!

Here is a pic of me and Deedee  at the conference! :) Love her!!