The Power of Positivity!!

Happy New Year All!
 I am so excited to be linking up with my friend Gina from Miss. Peluso's Kindergarten! She has started a fabulous, weekly linky, that focuses on all of the positive things from the past week! I LOVE this idea!

 This school year has been a challenge, as their have been some changes in our school (hence my last post date!). I feel like the morale has just been lower than usual, and that just makes me sad! Winter break was just the time away that I needed to get my groove back! I am going to do my darndest to help boost the morale and encourage others to focus on the positive!  I'm starting off by sharing some of the positive things from my week and I encourage you to focus on all the "positives" this upcoming week! :)

Have a positively, wonderful week!