All I Want For Black Friday!

Hi Friends!! 
Can you believe we're just days away from Thanksgiving and Black Friday?!   Eeeeeek! The shopping, the deals, the music, the pumpkin and peppermint, the CHEER!! It just seems like everyone is so happy this time of year and that of course makes me smile. Of course, this time of year always encourages me to sit back (with my pumpkin or peppermint coffee treat of course) and reflect on all that I'm thankful for. I'm so grateful for my family, friends, and all the little things that I take for granted on a daily basis. Of course my students are at the top of the list too. I am beyond lucky to spend my days with five and six year olds. My heart is full when we're getting our learn on. I am thankful for the amazing people that are a part of The Primary Pack. If I ever need a dash of inspiration, I have a group of amazing educators that I can turn to. To celebrate the season, The Primary Pack is hosting our 2nd Annual Black Friday Linky! There is no word yet if there will be a TPT sale, but regardless, we are sharing a few of our most wish-listed items from our personal wishlist, our carts and our own stores. We are also hosting a HUGE, and I mean HUGE Black Friday giveaway! You don't want to miss it!!
 Oh there are so many things that I love about the season, but seriously did I mention the deals...and the shopping?! 
Here is my personal wishlist for the season!  

Sam Edelman Boots: I am known for my great love of boots. Honestly, you can never have too many (I refuse to say how many I have) and the sales are the perfect excuse! 

Ohio State Jersey: Basically I've been wearing my current jersey since my sophomore year of college...I'd say it's about time. 

Alex & Ani: As of this summer (in Vegas may I add) I've become an Alex & Ani junky! I've been building up my collection and have been drooling over the Positive Is How I Live bracelet. 

Robot Vacuum: We have really dark floors which I love but they are ridiculously hard to keep clean. EVERYTHING shows up. It sure would be nice to come home to floors that are always clean. If I can't get a house cleaner, I feel like this is the next best thing! We've been looking at the Roomba and Neato. Suggestions?!

Clothes: I am always happy to get new clothes! ALWAYS. Banana Republic and Express are some of my favorite stores....along with a handful of others. I could go on and on, but I won't do that to you. 

I'm ready to fill my cart with some awesome resources this holiday season. Here are some of the products that are currently on my wishlist!! 

Holidays Print and Go: This pack is full of math and literacy activities that are ready to go! We get busy during the month of December with assessments, so this will be perfect to have some fun resources on hand! 

Comprehension Mini's: Oh my goodness! Can't wait to use this resource to practice reading comprehension! This pack is perfection, and I NEED it. 

Non-Fiction and Science Units: I am always looking for new ways to integrate science in my classroom and this covers topics for the entire year! 

Write the Room Bundle: My kids LOVE write the room. This pack has 4 differentiated response sheets to meet the needs of all of my kids!

Monthly Math Journal Bundle: I am a big believer in problem solving math notebooks in the classroom. I've been looking for something for my higher learners and this bundle is just what I need. 

Close Reading Bundle: This is the first year I've really had the time to do close reads in my classroom since we transitioned to  
all-day /every day kindergarten. Love how the lesson plans are all ready to go in this bundle. 

Here are a few products to check out from my Teachers Pay Teachers store, A Smiling Teacher.

Writing Stations Bundle: This product contains all of my monthly writing stations. SAVE by buying the bundle!!

Math Word Wall Cards: This product continues to be my best selling product! Everything you need to start using a math word wall in your classroom. Common Core aligned! 

American Symbols & President's Day: This is one of my best sellers! It contains 14 picture/vocabulary cards, writing prompts, sight word reader and MORE!

Gingerbread Count and Hook: This hands on math station is a fun way for your littles to build number sense and practice counting. It also helps our little ones who need motor support. 

Math Workshop Labels: Organize your math workshop and math rotations with these labels! 

Station Cards: This pack has everything you need to successfully implement literacy work stations into your classroom. 

Drumroll please.... Check out this HUGE giveaway package you can win by entering below! There is a resource from almost everyone in The Primary Pack, perfect for all primary grades!! Good luck, friends and happy shopping!

Now It's Your Turn To Join The Fun! 

Just a few rules to follow and you're on your way:

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Well Hello There Turkeys!

Hi Friends!
Happy Thursday! 
I can't even believe we are officially two weeks away from Thanksgiving. We've been so busy getting our learn on in kindergarten that I've just lost track of time. I'm so pleased with the progress my kinders have made so far.  We have had a lot of changes this year but the biggest change has been our transition to all-day/every day kindergarten. In the past we've had half day, then we went to rotating full days and then 2 full days and a half day a week. Whew...glad that's all over. Its been quite different this year but overall the transition has been amazing. I honestly don't know how we did it before. It was always rush, rush, rush. I'm just so excited that we finally have time to let them develop their learning at a "more" appropriate pace. In all honesty though, it still feels like there isn't enough time. When I sit back and really think about the amount of time that these kids are focused and on task, I can't help but feel ashamed for redirecting those few little hiccups during the day. I mean I can't really blame them. We expect so, so much of these little ones. Kids are truly amazing. Especially those sweet five year olds that work harder than anyone I know.  All but a couple of my students have their letters and sounds mastered...and it's the beginning of November. Their writing is leaps and bounds ahead of where its ever been at this point of the year, AND they are all readers. Real readers.
 That makes me smile. 

Of course like everyone else we've been obsessed with turkey's since November 1st. Obsessed isn't even an exaggeration. We love turkeys. We've been getting our turkey fix during math stations for sure. 
Our pattern blocks have been put to good use creating one of a kind turkeys! Students have to arrange the blocks, trace and color. Of course there is some counting thrown in there too! 
They've been loving this station. 

Isn't his turkey just adorable?! 
You can grab it for free here

We've also been chugging along with counting. Practice, practice and more practice makes really great counters! My kids love putting the links on the turkeys. This station is great because not only does it help build number sense, it also supports those kiddos that need to strengthen their motor skills. 

Many of my students are working on building larger numbers so I made three levels to support all of their needs. 
Level One: 1-20
Level Two: 11-30
Level Three: 21-40

You can get all 3 levels of this station here. You can also try level one out for free below! 

I hope you find these resources helpful! 
I'd love to see pictures of them in action in your classroom! 
Have a fabulous week!!