July 21, 2016

Back to School Gift Tag FREEBIE

Hi Friends!! 
Thanks so much for stopping by.
 I can't believe summer is coming to an end! 
I know some of you still have many weeks before you head back into the classroom, (so if that's you, save this for later) but if you are like me and some of my other teacher friends,
your summer is coming to a close.
Back to School is one of the most exciting times of the year!

But before you head back into the classroom, you need make sure that you are prepared! 

 I mean once the "Back to School" rush hits, we're lucky to make it home by 7 P.M. 
And lets just be honest, once we make it home we usually collapse on the couch. 
We're lucky if we remember to eat lunch (oh wait, that's not true!)...
what I really mean is that sometimes we're too busy to eat lunch! 
We have black circles under our eyes until November.
We lose our voices,  and
we're a tiny bit cranky because we're sleep deprived.

Back to School is the BEST! 
Is it a bit stressful? 
Are we basically walking zombies?
Is it all worth it?
You bet! 

No surprise that the new crayons and perfectly sharpened pencils get me super
pumped up for the school year!   

I mean look at those colorful things! 
How can you not get excited about new crayons?!
(and no judgement if you secretly like the smell of a freshly opened box!)

Of course I have admit that my favorite part of Back to School is
reconnecting with past students
 meeting my new 5 year olds!

They're  excited! 
I'm so excited!
We're all excited!
Really, we have the BEST jobs in the world.
I mean how lucky am I that I get to hang out
with 5 year olds all day?!
It doesn't get better than that!

Since we're all excited, lets keep it going! 
MR. SKETCH MARKERS (aka smelly markers)!!
We all LOVE them!
Wouldn't it be fun if we gave all of our students their very own to take home?!
Or to use in the classroom?!
Umm yes, we should totally do that! 

You can grab these FREE tags in my TPT store. They are editable too, so you can add your teacher name at the bottom! Click on the image below to grab them now!

I hope that these FREE tags will help make your Back to School time less stressful and MORE  enjoyable! Don't forget to take time for yourself!
 You deserve it and your students deserve the best version of you!
Oh and can someone please remind me of this in about 3 weeks?!
Thanks :)
Enjoy your last weeks of summer and get ready for the best school year yet! 


  1. Yes, lol, I do like the smell of a new freshly opened box of crayons! Thanks for such a super cute tag abd gift idea for my kiddos! Hope you have a fantastic year!

    Luv My Kinders

    1. Haha I knew you would Laura!! So glad you like the tag! I hope you have an incredible year too :)

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