*Surprise* Role Models- an EASY Classroom Management Strategy that Works!

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I'm so excited to share a classroom management strategy that has been successful in my classroom for years! I LOVE learning new tips and tricks when it comes to classroom management because you never know when you're going to need to change it up! It's good to have an abundance of management ideas so that you can whip out a new idea when you are no longer getting the response you are looking for!  One of the most important things to remember is that your class is going to be different every year. A strategy that worked really well one year, may do absolutely nothing for your current class. Don't be afraid to mix it up and try something new!

A classroom management strategy that has worked well in my classroom every year is

I know, I know! It's hard hold back all of your excitement, but hear me out.
A surprise role model is a student that is making good choices, being a role model for others, AND does these things when they think the teacher isn't looking!!

This strategy can be used in any situation at school. I use it during transitions, when I'm teaching whole group or small group, and while my students are at stations. One of my favorite ways to use this is when we are walking in the halls. I may say, "I'm going to be looking for a surprise role model on our way to lunch". Once we get to our destination I'll tell students who the surprise role model is and let them wear the lanyard. I don't always announce when I'm looking for a surprise role model though because I want to catch students making great choices when they don't even know I'm looking. After all we want to encourage our students to make good choices ALL of the time.

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Of course, it's important to tell students why they became a surprise role model. I like to explain to the entire class what that student was doing to become a surprise role model. Of course, after that we celebrate with a round of applause!  For example, "I really liked the way Corbin held the door for our entire class without anyone even asking him!" And then we would cheer for Corbin!

Families love hearing that their child was a surprise role model too!
These certificates encourage families to ask their child what they did to become a surprise role model at school. These are a great way to build positive relationships between school and home and encourage communication between students and families!

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